What can you do to have a good Instagram feed

You can choose from a variety of options. Take a look at my Instagram account to see what I’m up to. I use Instagram to attempt to carve out a niche for myself, which I believe is crucial –

Things you  do with good Instagram feed

Make a niche (acheter follower instagram) for yourself – what do you excel at? Are you a skilled photographer? Do you travel frequently? Do you have a good camera and can you take good pictures of yourself? Do you have any additional areas of expertise? Do you, for example, dive? Or do you want to hike? Or do you prefer to write a lot? Or do you read a lot? Any of these things could be used to carve out a niche for yourself.

Engage – This implies that you should post frequently. Maybe once a day or every two days. That is critical.

I don’t consider myself a photographer, so be inventive. Not at all. I also don’t have a particularly good camera. Every photograph, in my opinion, should appeal to your senses (acheter des actifs). It’s a visual medium, after all. Even if the photos are important to you, do not click and post them. Be inventive. Take a look at this image for example. I was reading a Rumi poem that was rather lovely. I used what I had on hand, chose an angle that highlights the greenery outdoors, and the effect is far more lovely than simply photographing the poem.

Make it personal – People want to invest in your tale follower facebook, so make it as personal as possible. Do not simply copy and paste images. Make your own stuff. Also, don’t imitate someone else’s style.

Captions are vital because people want to read a little bit about the photograph, so make sure you caption it appropriately and add the right hashtags. Using the proper hashtags (on average 11[1]) is another technique to increase the visibility of your content.