Landing Page Real Estate | 5 points to keep in mind.

A landing page is a web page designed with the aim of converting visitors into leads. That is, if visitors to said website leave their data to become potential customers or make a purchase (conversion), then the website will be fulfilling its function.

In the case of a real estate agency, creating a landing page like the one created by Tajarat properties with the objective that a potential client who does not know you at all buys you a home is not optimal, since it is almost impossible for a potential client to make a purchase of such characteristics without before finding out about the real estate, services, etc.

For this reason, the most effective thing is to get the visitor to leave us their data and later to be able to show them that valuable information and properties appropriate to their characteristics.

Landing page for real estate

Let’s see the 5 points to keep in mind when creating a landing page for real estate:

1. Logical structure of the website

As we have mentioned before, these types of web pages only have one purpose and that is that any visitor interested in buying a home becomes a customer through the sales funnel.

For this, it is very important that the landing page has a logical, clear and goal-oriented structure. In this way we can expose the information correctly and guide the potential client towards the objective of said landing page.

For example, fill out a contact form in which you leave us your email in exchange for free information of value.

Among the main elements to take into account when creating a landing page are the headline and the sub-headline, which must be attractive and consistent so that they attract the attention of the visitor.

It is also important that this page has striking images that capture your attention and make reading more enjoyable thanks to visual elements.

On the other hand, in the event that the purpose of the real estate landing page is to capture the data of a potential client, we have to insert a form in which the user leaves their data. This must be formulated in a clear and simple way so that it does not mislead the user and leaves it unfilled.

If we do all this and convince the visitor, they will leave their data and we will have accomplished much of the work.

2. Simple and clear form

As we have already mentioned before, the purpose of the landing page is for the user to leave their data to enter our sales funnel. But not just any form will work, so you should keep a few things in mind.

If you ask for too much data, the percentage that the user does not fill in the form will be much higher, so it is important that you do not ask for more data than you really need.

In general, the ideal is to ask in the form only for your name, surname, email and mobile phone number (if necessary). In the event that your sales funnel is only through email marketing, save your mobile phone to increase the conversion rate in the form.

If you need more information, you will have time to request it during the funnel process or directly through email. The important thing at this point is that first contact to know who he is and how to contact him.

3. Link to your social networks

Although the ideal is that the only objective of the landing is to fill out the form or leave the web, linking your landing page with links to your social networks can be something interesting so that the client knows you better before leaving their data.

This can go a long way in the event that the information on your real estate landing page doesn’t quite convince you. In this way, if you have quality content on your social profiles, you will give that potential client confidence so that they decide to leave their data.

One way to increase the reach of your landing page is to also add buttons to share said website. In this way, if the visitor has found it interesting and believes that this information may be useful for their contacts on social networks, they will share that page and, in this way, you will reach more people without investing more for it.

4. Responsive web design

This point should be something obvious nowadays but perhaps some people due to lack of knowledge do not know its concept or do not give it importance. A responsive web design is one that optimally adapts to any device, be it PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

This is of great importance since more and more users are browsing the Internet through their mobile devices, to such an extent that depending on some sectors it exceeds browsing on computers.

That is why having a design that adapts to all types of devices is of vital importance to convert those visitors who visit our landing page through their mobile phones. Otherwise, the client will not leave their data in your form.

5. Enhances user interest.

Remember that if the user reaches your real estate landing page it is because they have previously clicked on a CTA (call to action) either through your official website, search results or online advertising, hoping to find something that provides them with a lot of value.

For this reason, it is important to develop the copywriting of your landing page to constantly capture the interest of the user with quality information and always granting more value than the user expected when entering.

Something that works very well and that we have already mentioned is offering a free physical or digital product or service in exchange for your data. This can be an eBook with interesting information, a guide or a free consultation.

Rudn Enclave housing soeciety has keep these points in an organized way.

Real estate photography: Photos, Video or Virtual Tour to advertise your property.

A picture is worth a thousand words. To sell an apartment we need quality images. Not everything goes. Advertising a property with photographs taken by a professional photographer with a suitable camera or by ourselves with a mobile phone, can make the difference between selling and not selling.

If the property deserves it, the investment in photography is small compared to the return that we are going to obtain. We must pay attention to the presentation of the property. Clean, tidy and removing obstructions that could spoil the photograph. Let’s see an example of the same photos taken by a photographer with a professional camera and the same photos with a mobile phone (yes, copying the photographer’s frame).

Some tips to improve your photos.

Once we have the house ready to be photographed:  clean, tidy and resorting to home staging if necessary, we can proceed to take the photos.

On many occasions it takes much longer to prepare the home than to do the report. Before shooting we have to make sure that there is no object that could spoil the image.


Ideally, open blinds and let in natural light. In some cases, lamps can be turned on to improve lighting. Avoid backlighting that can obscure photos. Also, a little photo retouching can make a big difference in the result.

Shot height.

If we shoot at eye level, the furniture will generally be seen from high above, on the other hand, if we are placed at chest height, 1.20 m – 1.40 it seems that the rooms are more spacious, and the details are better seen. Stand in a corner of the room.

To achieve sense of amplitude, the ideal is to stand in one corner of the room, and shoot towards the other corner, avoiding the backlight. Check how it changes to take the front or diagonal photo.

With Flash?

If you shoot with a flash, the light is not very pleasant and sometimes reflections are generated in glass and mirrors. Better to avoid it and if necessary, resort to photographic retouching.

What photos do you think sell the most?

In any case, it seems that the ideal is a professional photo and also if it can be retouched so that the lighting is perfect. But is it also necessary to include a video and a virtual tour in the ad?

The more visual the information we include in our ad, the more it will attract attention. The truth is that although aesthetically the photos are, many times, more pleasant than a video, the videos attract more the user’s attention and retain them for longer interacting with the page.

Adding a video to our ad can serve to avoid visits from curious and also get those who end up visiting the property, are customers with real interest.

Now it remains to choose which photo we put as the main photo in the ad.  Attention that many times that photo is the only opportunity to attract visitors.

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