Expo 2020 Dubai will empower people worldwide to collaborate, connect, create, and be inspired by allowing people to discover the potential of its themes, sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. It will deliver a significant positive impact for the communities and people around the world.

 People will get engaged and entertained through pavilions and experience almost 70 live events per day and more than 150 hundred food beverages for the audience. Everyone will enjoy every moment of the expo.

 The expo location is located within a 40-minute drive from the central transport hub of Dubai. And it is connected to the routes of public transport via metro stations.so there will be no problem for anyone to get reach.

 Most of the people come from other countries, and it is to be predicted that there will be the most prominent international visitors at the expo 2020 Dubai. they aim to deliver a global expo with participants around the world and international people in business, leaders, and educational institutions

 This expo is an excellent platform for people to get inspired by professional and world leaders, which makes their thoughts more apparent, and they will gain more confidence for what they want to achieve in the future in their lives.

 Expo 2020 is the platform of opportunities for the people. Many people from other countries are waiting for the event to happen because it includes excellent benefits for the future. Leaders, artists, and professionals come from different countries to join their thoughts with other people for the great hereafter.

Expo 2020 Dubai hosts several conferences and events annually. Expo lives, youth concerts, and other initiatives. Only official events like that are run by the expo 2020 Dubai, and they are the ones to use protected marks.

Businesses who invite the people to the events related to the expo 2020 Dubai sub-themes and theme can not use the protected marks.

Suppose it is related to the expo 2020 Dubai theme connecting minds creating the future. In that case, it is permitted for entities not to use protected marks as it is not them. It is the rule of expo 2020 Dubai if all of them follow all the legal regulations. There is not any problem which is going to happen when this event ends in a good way.

Do not go against the rights of the expo 2020 Dubai. It is against the law if you want to report any fraudulent activity, you can send emails to the website.

Expo Dubai does not want the people to stop talking or giving information about the expo 2020 Dubai. Still, they said keeping rights in your mind provides information about the expo 2020 Dubai to the people in a lovely way. if you follow the guidelines, you will not face any problems

Expo Dubai 2020 is the excitement for the event. It is to be understood that most of the entities want to associate with the event. They want to raise their profile. Only the faithful and rights partners of expo 2020 Dubai have the right to associate in this way.

 Ambush marketing means creating unauthorized and false associations with an event. Whether the association is international or not. It will impact hard on the real partners. It will damage all the investments which their real partners do are worthless.

 The expo team is monitoring activities to prevent this kind of ambush marketing as it rained all the investments and hard work of the real partners. It is the main thing these brand teams need to consider avoiding ambush marketing.

Other events and organizations protect their brand’s expo 2020 Dubai also protects their brands in the same way others do. By rallying on property laws and registering their assets to give them the rights. rights for the association is fundamental

They are very much concerned about their partners. The expo team is monitoring all the activities. If they find any entities illegally associated with the expo 2020 Dubai, they will take action against them.

Expo 2020 Dubai can give its participants, official licenses, and officials partners tight to create an association between their goods, services, business, and expo 2020. they give them rights to do that.

Expo 2020 Dubai has the right to steal legal action against the people associated with the expo 2020 and illegally included in marketing advertising of their product and services.

If an association is made by the government agency or any business that has not to sign an agreement, expo 2020 Dubai will be considered illegal. companies can associate with expo Dubai 2020 through pictures, marks, and words

Expo 2020 Dubai permits the use of its marks to use their editorial. That means some of the journalists are giving information or reporting about the event. So provided statements from them are factual and not for the advertisement you have to understand this expo 2020 Dubai is not a marketing tool.

The journalist is not to extend the advertisement of any product and services through its written article or its suggestion of an association between the services, products, and the expo 2020 Dubai.

Expo does not want to stop people from giving information or talking about the expo 2020 Dubai, but you have to keep legal rights in mind. If you do that, the expo team will take legal action against you to protect the rights of the brand.

Expo 2020 Dubai official pages already exist. They have their pages on the website of youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and link Media.com. Rights to use the protected marks are only for the officials of the expo 2020 Dubai social media accounts. Business must not be used again misleading the people about the expo 2020 Dubai they should give exact information.


Expo 2020 Dubai will be a platform for everyone to join and celebrate their accomplishments. There will be association rights, and there will be awareness to stop the fake associate of the Expo 2020 Dubai. You will see the world-class leaders and get inspired by them.